You’re not alone

Mental Health issues are more common than you think

More than 75% of mental health issues develop before a person turns 25 (1)0%
1 in 4 young Australians will experience mental health issues and most will not seek help (1)0%
Over 13% of 4-11 year olds in Australia have been diagnosed with a mental health condition (2)0%
30% of 7-18-year olds report lack of sleep, high levels of stress and depressive symptoms (3)0%
45% of Australians will experience a mental illness in their lifetime (4)0%

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The statistics prove that mental illness is more common that you think.
Childhood is the time for learning, developing and maturing into a healthy adult. It is a time of rapid changes and vulnerabilities. The future of one’s mental health can greatly be affected as a result of the timely care that they receive before they become an adult. As such, it is incredibly important to identify mental health issues early in life and deal with them within the family context to ensure a healthy future for them, your family and your community.
Many forms of mental health problems first appear when the person is still very young. Whether it’s Depression, an Anxiety disorder, or a less common condition such as Bipolar disorder or Schizophrenia, the first episode is likely to occur when the person is still living with their family. Even if they have moved out of home or are older, the mental health issue may not only be distressing for them, it may affect others too.
Mental health issues often have a ‘ripple effect’ on families, creating tension, uncertainty, troubled emotions and big changes in how people live their lives. Different family members are likely to be affected in different ways. These effects on the family are sometimes left unsupported. At Family Talks Clinic we believe that working with the entire family is the best way to serve the person affected by mental health issues.


Common Reasons Why Children, Adolescents And Families Come To See Us


Eating disorders

Emotional instability

School refusal

Family disharmony

Poor self confidence

Migrant mental health

Cultural integration

Tourette syndrome

Childhood anxiety

Poor attention



Parental burn out



Suicidal thoughts

Personality disorders


Emotional outbursts

Obsessive-compulsive disorder

Post-traumatic stress disorder

Grief and trauma