Dr Nargess Mazloumi

General Adult Consultant Psychiatrist


I am a Sydney trained General Psychiatrist, a medically qualified doctor who is committed to delivering the highest standards of professional care by working holistically with my patients to treat their medical, psychological, and neurological aspects of mental health presentations. I am passionate about the interplay of the brain with its external and internal environment that drives the neuroplasticity of the developing brain.

I have years of experience in assessment and management of psychiatric issues in all age groups (from children to old age). I worked in a variety of settings from tertiary teaching hospitals (mainly trained in Royal north shore) to community health organisations and private sector across 3 states. These experiences gave me a unique opportunity to work with different ethnicities, cultures, as well as minorities including aboriginal and Torres Islanders, LGTBs and refuges communities. I also worked closely with the UNSW department of psychiatry for my scholarly project which was in the field of PTSD in immigrants.

I have an extensive history of attending many specialists training including Neuropsychiatry, and Neurostimulation (Advanced ECT, r TMS, and other neurostimulation techniques), eating disorders, and Perinatal psychiatry.

My aim is to provide my patients with a holistic individualised management plan that is tailored to their needs and lifestyle.

Professional memberships:

  • Member of AHPRA
  • Member of RANZCP
  • Member of RANZCP Neuropsychiatry, ECT, and neurostimulation sections
  • Member of RANZCP ADHD network as wells as refugee, family violence, military, and emergency services networks
  • CHADD Membership: Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (CHADD)
  • ADDPA: Australian ADHD professional association
  • Fellow of RANZCP

Dr Mazloumi does telehealth only on Wednesday mornings.

Dr Nargess Mazloumi

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