It takes just 4 easy steps


1. Review Our Clinicians

Review the clinician's bio’s on ``OUR CLINICIANS`` page and decide which one you would like to see. Please note: At this time, many Clinicians have closed their books to new patients. As such their names do not appear in the drop-down menu on the new patient form.

2. New Patient Form

Fill out the request appointment form and submit it via the ``NEW PATIENT FORM`` button at the base of this page or on the navigation menu. If you cannot decide which clinician you wish to see, then we will review your request and forward it to the clinician that is the most suitable with the earliest availability.

3. Review Your Request

Upon receipt of your form, the clinician will then review your request and ensure they are the best match for your needs. Reception will then call you to agree a date and time for first appointment. Once we receive the form it will take up to 7 days to call you back. If you are not available, we will leave a message. If after 7 days you have not been back in contact with us , we will assume you no longer wish to proceed and will destroy the form. Please note that the first appointment is 90 mins for families and children under 18 years, and 60 minutes for over 18 years. If you have any questions, this is the time to ask them.

4. Confirmation Email

Once we have made an appointment, an email confirmation will be sent to you as well as a new patient form. You will then need to complete and return the form along with your GP referral PRIOR to your appointment. We recommend that you get your GP referral once the appointment has been made, so it can be addressed to the correct clinician.